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Elstree Hybrid Index

Elstree Hybrid Index: Investible Universe

The Elstree Hybrid Index includes all APRA regulated debt equity hybrid issues listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and all non APRA regulated issues where the market capitalisation of the issue exceeds AUD100 million.

Security types included in the index are; convertible preference shares, convertible notes, reset preference shares and income securities.

Securities are excluded from the index when the underlying share price trades at or through the strike price of the option embedded in the hybrid security.

The Elstree Hybrid Index base is 1,000 and inception date is 31/12/1999.

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Australian Enhanced Income Fund NAV and Market Commentary (ASX Code AYF)

Latest: 8 September 2020 $5.967.
Previous 31 August 2020 $5.957.

Please note that Elstree Investment Management Limited was replaced as the Responsible Entity of the Australian Enhanced Income Fund by 360 Capital FM effective 9 September 2020.

Should you have any queries about the Fund you should now direct them to 360 Capital FM.

For administration or registry inquiries please contact Ray Tarabay at Advanced Share Registry Limited on (08) 6500 2112.

Elstree Enhanced Income Fund NAV

Latest: 30 November 2020 $0.8526.
Previous: 24 November 2020 $0.8515.

Previous month end: COB 30 October 2020 $0.8529.

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