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Elstree Hybrid Index

Elstree Hybrid Index

We regret to inform you that this page is no longer available to be viewed by the public. Should you require information about the Elstree Hybrid Index (franked and unfranked series) please do not hesitate to contact Norman Derham directly on 0425 749 215. Generic information can be obtained by viewing Elstree's website and Homepage by clicking here.

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Elstree Hybrid Fund (Cboe code 'EHF1')

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Elstree Enhanced Income Fund NAV

Latest: 9 August 2022 $0.8433.

Previous: 2 August 2022 $0.8439.

Previous month end: 29 July 2022 $0.8424.

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Latest Fact Sheet: Updated May 2022

Elstree Enhanced Income Fund. To view the latest Fact Sheet Click here

Latest Research Note June 2022. Back to the Future: Remembering 1994.

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Will they or won't they cut bank dividends?

Will the banks continue to pay dividends on their ordinary shares or will they stop paying them and what are the implications for investors in hybrid capital instruments?

There has been much said and written about this lately and we couldn't let the opportunity pass without comment. 

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Inflation siren songs. Be careful what you wish for.

We've read about it in the press, we've read about it in blogs and we've read about it in broker research notes. We are of course talking about inflation.

While we don't think an outbreak is imminent we understand that policy makers might have a secret ambivalence to manufacture some because of what it does to debt to GDP ratios. We suggest that (perhaps) manufacturing above trend inflation for a period might not be such a good idea given what it did to real returns and markets in the 1970's.

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Elstree Enhanced Income Fund achieves 5* Morningstar quantitative rating

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How do hybrids perform in periods of stress.

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Elstree Hybrid Fund (Cboe Code 'EHF1) July 2022 Review

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Latest Research Note: Another Australian World Record Holder?

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