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Elstree Investments Fixed Interest Fund Managers

Elstree specialises in producing capital stable franked income returns.

Capital stable, franked income returns are the investment mantra of self-managed superannuation retirees.

At Elstree Investment Management Limited we cater for this mantra.

Our Funds, which invest in a diverse range of floating rate credit securities called hybrids, are designed to deliver capital stable franked income returns on a consistent basis.

We offer pooled products for retail and wholesale investors and individually negotiated mandates for institutional investors with a minimum investment designate of $20 million. We also offer Model Portfolio construction advice for IMA and SMA investors through dealer groups and platform providers.

Our products are ideal for;

(1) Self-managed retail and wholesale superannuants looking for capital stable franked income returns for the pension component of their superannuation portfolio,

(2) Not for profit entities that require stable franked income return outcomes and

(3) Institutional wholesale investors seeking to hedge inflation risk and looking for uncorrelated return outcomes.

Our Funds

Australian Enhanced Income Fund NAV (ASX Code AYF)

Latest: 15 June 2016. $5.888.
Previous 31 May 2016. $5.885.

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Elstree Enhanced Income Fund NAV

Latest:21 June 2016 $0.7377.
Previous:14 June May 2016 $0.7369.

Previous month end (30 May 2016) $0.7351.

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Latest Press. April 2016. Elstree in the ASX

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Share Purchase Plan (SPP) announcment

The Responsible Entity, Elstree Investment Management Limited is pleased to announce the Australian Enhanced Income Fund’s Securities Purchase Plan (SPP) offer.

The offer opens on Wednesday June 8 at 9.00am (Sydney time) and closes on Friday 24 June at 7.00pm (Sydney Time).

The offer is open to all unit holders registered at the close of business on Friday 3 June 2016.

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